Dedicated to beekeeping for 4 generations.

L’ABELLA MEL, is a family business that has been dedicated to beekeeping since 1870. Today is the fourth family generation that carries out this project. Thanks to the effort and the desire that we put on a daily basis, every year we expand the national and international market a little more.

It is a company dedicated to the production, packaging and marketing of bee products: Honey, Royal Jelly, Pollen, Propolis, Honey Vinegar (Molasses), Mead, Mead Vermouth, Mead Beer, Champray, beewax Candles and organic cosmetics based on bee products (honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly).

Our main objective is the production of top quality honey.

We have a wide variety of conventional honey, with 17 different classes. And with 8 types of organic honey. The delicate and quality treatment that is given to honey, so that it continues with its initial nutrients, makes the honey allows the honey to follow it’s natural process of crystallizing over time. This process is the guarantee that honey does not undergo any sudden changes during handling.

Our main objective is the elaboration of top quality honey, which is achieved thanks to a correct selection of honey, a good treatment and strict quality controls.