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Fight winter better!

What is propolis?

Surely you have heard a lot about propolis and you know how to relate it to the world of bees, but you really don’t know exactly what it is.

Next, we make a brief summary of where we extract it, what it is used for and how we present it to you so that you can better pass your colds or aphonia.

Is he hives protective shield , which bees make from resins, sap, wax and essential oils.

A powerful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic for the human being.

Propolis is one of the most used natural remedies during autumn and winter , and not only because it helps us to increase our defenses, but because it is an excellent remedy in case of cold or flu.

Highly recommended for singers, teachers and professors who suffer from aphonia during their tour or school year.

What exactly does propolis contain?

The result of this mixture of plant and tree resins, wax, pollen and saliva, is a very powerful antidote rich in:

  • phenolic compounds or flavonoids,
  • provitamin A and vitamins of group B (B1 and B3 particularly),
  • minerals such as aluminum, silver, barium, boron, chromium, cobalt, tin and iron,
  • amino acids and
  • essential oils.

What else do bees in their hive use it for?

The bees also use it as an insulator to cover the holes that are opening in it and that can endanger the community. They also have to be used thoroughly because achieving this putty is a very slow and laborious process; To give you an idea, a colony of bees can produce between 150 and 200 grams of propolis per year.

We, L’abella Mel, present it to you in a 400g format where you will find honey and the optimal amount of propolis so that you can spend a much better winter .

Find it in our Online store .


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